Keeping you on the road for longer

Efficient Exhausts

It is important to keep your exhaust system well maintained if you want maximum fuel and environment efficiency, as well as a quiet, healthy engine and a smooth ride.

At Ablefit Tyres Ltd, we offer a FREE and comprehensive exhaust check at all three of our garages: Brislington, Longwell Green and Muller Road. All our new exhausts come with a 2-year warranty as standard and we offer a 1-year warranty on all cats that we supply and fit.

We have a wide variety of high-quality exhausts in stock, which are suitable for all vehicle makes and models. We can fit front, mid and back boxes, all within an hour

If we discover any other problems with your vehicle during our check, then we can supply and fit high-quality replacement parts. If we need to order any parts for you, our rapid delivery response team will do so on the same day.

Our exhaust-fitting service starts from just £15.95!

Other exhaust services that we offer include:

- General repairs

- Mot repairs

- Welding services

- Bracket changes

- Rubber changes

Give one of our garages a call today - Brislington, Longwell Green, or Muller Road. 

Brilliant Batteries

Your car battery gives the initial boost to start the engine and keep it running. It also powers the parts of your car that uses electricity, for example, your lights, windscreen wipers, and radio, therefore it is essential to make sure that it is in good working order. However, over time your battery can lose power and you may start to experience issues such as having problems starting your car - especially in the winter months when it is cold. Or, you may have been unfortunate enough to experience complete battery failure, and unable to start your car at all!

If you are experiencing any problems with your battery, then give our team of experts a call today.

We offer a FREE battery check service, and if you need it replaced then we have a large selection for you to choose from – all with a 2-year guarantee. If in the unlikely event that we do not have the battery that you need, then we can order it and have it quickly delivered to our garage so we can get you back on the road.

When you need a new battery,  make us your first choice.

Give one of our garages a call today - Brislington, Longwell Green, or Muller Road. 

Better Brakes

Make sure you are safe on the road with a FREE thorough brake pad check from Ablefit Tyres & Exhausts Ltd.

We don’t stock brakes but can order and get them for you within an hour.

Choose from budget to performance makes, as our expert mechanics fit for all makes and models, including electronic handbrake types.

Be safe on the road

You should never neglect your brakes and should get them changed if advised to at your MOT or if you notice any of the following:

  • Grinding Noise – The noise is caused by the disc and calliper rubbing together and usually means that the brake pads are worn down, and will most likely need to be replaced.
  •  Vibration – This can be caused by warped rotors and can feel like the vibration you get when you do an emergency stop.
  • Brakes are less responsive – This can be caused by an air leak or a leaking brake fluid. If you spot a puddle of fluid when your car is parked, then this is normally caused by a brake fluid leak. If you notice this or if your brakes are less responsive, then make an appointment to get them checked as soon as possible.


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